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Cervical Traction

cervicalWhy is Cervical Traction/Decompression necessary? 
The subluxated (abnormal) spinal position involves the adaptive changes of the ligaments, muscles, and in long standing cases, even the vertebral bones. It is necessary to apply a force over time to stretch the ligaments back to their normal position. Due to the fact that ligaments stretch rather slowly the traction force must be introduce gradually. Also, because it does take some time for your body to get used to the new healthy position, we must proceed so as to work within your tolerance.
What can you expect to feel while in traction? 
Extension/Compression Traction should never be more than uncomfortable. In other words, it should not hurt. When you are able, based on your tolerance, you may ask the staff for more tension to allow for faster changes to your spine. Usually this will be when you get to the maximum traction time in the office of ten minutes. Some common sensations experienced during traction are: pressure in the neck or mid-back, difficulty swallowing, the sensation of mild 'pins and needles' feeling in your fingers like when your 'arm falls asleep' and then is waking up again. A few people report feeling mild nausea immediately following traction. These sensations are not unusual, but they certainly are not 'normal', and you should inform the staff or the doctor if you do experience any of these symptoms.

It is normal to feel some mild to moderate soreness the day following traction. This will be minimized if you utilize ice as instructed by the staff.

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