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Munderloh Integrated Medical

We are the largest non-narcotic, integrated medical rehabilitation-based clinic in Northern Arizona, offering a variety of pain-relieving options to assist patients in achieving optimum health.


Rather than address just the symptoms, we locate and correct the cause of numerous health complaints such as neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, headaches, allergies, digestive disorders, asthma, high blood pressure, numbness, leg pain, arm pain, and stress to name a few. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that from your first visit, you will be treated with the care and compassion you would expect from a team of professionals.


During your consultation, you will have a thorough history and physical examination. Depending on the condition, you may be given one or more of the following treatments as indicated: Chiropractic adjustments, Osteopathic manipulative therapy, trigger point of joint/intra-articular therapeutic injections, systemic steroid or non-steroidal compound injections to address inflammation and pain. You may receive additional relief from non-narcotic medications that address symptoms and promoted healing such as a muscle relaxing agent, a neuropathic pain agent, an anti-inflammatory and/or a topical compounding cream, or a neurostimulation device. Patients with co-morbid pain and depression or anxiety may benefit from antidepressant or anxiolytic therapy. Those experiencing low energy and fatigue may find the B-12 supplementation program helpful. Nutrition counseling is also a vital aspect of reaching total health and reducing inflammation.


Munderloh Intergrated Medical now offers Amnio Tissue Regenerative Therapy to promote healing. 

3D Patient Education

Interactive 3D Education. Subluxation, Degeneration and Nervous System Interference.


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