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The FDA Approved Percutaneous Auricular Neurostimulator, Stivax, is an adjustable, electronic attachment installed on the ear, effectively reducing back pain, sciatica, cervical pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, zoster, depression, insomnia, post-operative pain, opioid addiction and various neuropathies. The device consists of an externally affixed battery powered generator and a discrete wire electrode that attaches to the vagal nerve branch of the ear. Once installed, the neurostimulater relieves pain in two ways:
unnamed1.The needles stimulate auricular acupuncture points and instigate a neurofeedback mechanism related to a specific area of the body. Electrical stimulation to the nerve endings allows for a reduced perception of pain.
2. The device transmits low frequency electrical impulses to vagal nerve bundles, which trigger the release of endorphins, not only relieving pain, but also reducing sympathetic nervous system activity resulting in decreased inflammation and increased arterial perfusion/oxygenation.
Patient (A.G.) Testimony from last week after wearing device #2 – “I could barely stand in front of the sink doing dishing for like 5 minutes before the pain was so bad that I had to sit down and last week I was dancing around in my kitchen for about one hour.”

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