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Patient Stories

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I absolutely love this place! I always get taken care of in the best way, and the front desk staff is always friendly and helpful! It's always too long until my next appointment, it can never come soon enough because every visit tops the last.
Posted By: C.M.
I started coming to Munderloh Integrated Medical two months ago. The staff is very caring from Trent on up. Dr. Munderloh lsitens, is caring and is gentle with his adjustments.
Dr. Stiegler came up with a plan to reduce my over-all pain. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. For the first time in decade's I have hope. I would recommend these guys to anyone. It takes me two hours one way to get to their office, that says plenty.
Posted By: P.O.
To Dr. Stiegler and Dr. Munderloh,
I wanted to comment on the shot I was given as an alternative to Knee Replacement surgery. As you both know I was in need of a Knee replacement surgery and had already checked on having it done. Like a lot of Baby Boomers I kept putting it off hoping it would go away if I ignored the pain.Well of course that didn't happen. The pain was only getting worse and I was having trouble sleeping because my knee would lock up and I would wake up in a very painful way. I could not move my knee in any direction. It was a painful and slow process to unlock the knee so I could move. I was being treated at Munderloh Integrated Medical for a different issue and decided to ask about alternatives to knee replacements. We discussed it and I was given some information about PalinGen to read. I read it and decided that it was the way for me to go instead of the surgery. I liked the fact that recovery was a daily process as I was doing my daily activities. The only difference was not to do high impact activities for about 2 weeks. So I did the shot in the office which I thought would be painful but was not. Within a week of getting the shot I was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. I did feel like I had lubrication in and around the kneecap which made it easier to move. My knee was not locking up as I slept anymore so I was able to sleep through the night. This is huge for me, because waking up with a locked knee is very painful. I was also told by friends that i was not limping like I used too. My knee is improving daily and I do not have the pain I used to. I do have some aches and discomfort when I do too much during the day but I can deal with that. My knee feels better and I have noticed that I can walk up stairs without holding on now.I look forward to continual improvement in my knee and am very pleased with the progress so far. I am grateful to Dr. Stiegler and Dr. Munderloh for helping me through this process and would highly recommend the procedure as an alternative to Knee Replacement surgery. I understand it is also used on Shoulders and other parts of the body as my Dr. had the same procedure done to his shoulder.
Posted By: V.D,
Dr. Munderloh and his team are AMAZING!!! They made the visit VERY enjoyable. Wouldn't go to anyone else. He is kind, friendly, and most of all he knows what he is doing! Can't wait for my next visit. Thank you guys so much!!
Posted By: T.S.
The staff is always friendly, and I had the best massage today! The doctors really care about each patient, and take the time to figure out what is really wrong! I highly recommend getting in here! They will take the best care of you!
Posted By: R.M.
This place was fantastic! I came here for the first time the other day, and the staff was friendly, and talkative. The doctor really asked the right questions, and got to the root of my problem. 10 out of 10 I would totally suggest this place!
Posted By: L.B.
Having visited other chiropractic offices in Flagstaff, I feel Munderloh is the superior choice. Dr. Munderloh took much interest in the origin and history of my issues and provided immediate relief on the first visit. Most chiropractors know five basic techniques for adjustment from the Palmer school but he went well beyond.
We also worked on my range of motion as I have shoulder problems. Very impressive first visit and I would recommend this office to all.
Posted By: D.C.
Dr. Munderloh is amazing, I have had shoulder problems for years, this is the only office I have gone to and actually seen results. I also love the new system that sends you reminder text messages about upcoming appointments. If you like me your have a crazy schedule and need the reminder. Over all great system and amazing staff!!
Posted By: S.M.
First chiropractic visit, and Dr. Munderloh made me feel really comfortable, he asked all the right questions, and I left feeling like a new me! Plus the front office manager was incredibly nice and so helpful!
Posted By: A.E.
The staff was really friendly and Dr. Munderloh made me feel relaxed and welcome. Will definitely go again.
Posted By: R.G.
Best Chiropractor period! I refer my TMJ patients to Dr. Munderloh and everyone has been more than satisfied. Thank you Dr. Munderloh for your expertise!
Posted By: D.Y.
I am so very pleased I went to Dr. Munderloh. I had not been to a chiropractor in more than 10 years because I always left feeling like I had been beaten up. Dr. Munderloh adjusted me and I felt wonderful afterwards. I went to his office because of the reviews on yelp, so I thought I better give him a great review because he deserves. Oh, the hydrotherapy is sooooo relaxing.
Posted By: S.B.
Great environment and very professional
Posted By: J.C.A.
I had horrible migraine headaches before I started seeing Dr. Munderloh. After a few appointments with him I was able to come off my migraine medication. Dr. Munderloh and his staff are very caring. I recommend him to all of my friends and family.
Posted By: R.H.
Love Dr.Munderloh and the rest of the staff.Started off as a workman's comp patient but will remain a patient because they rock!!!

Posted By: D.E.
Excellent doctor. Knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. M clearly has a passion for his work and possesses the determination to heal patients. Rarely wait longer the 10 minutes. Trent, Dr. M's assistant is great. Highly recommend.

Posted By: G.J.
Been seeing them for a while because they've always been miracle workers, but I started coming regularly throughout my whole pregnancy and my back/hip pain was minimal at best the entire time. I highly recommend to everyone, especially expectant Mommy's!!

Posted By: B.P.
I love Munderloh Chiropractic! The staff is amazing. Very patient with someone like me who came to chiropractic work as kind of a skeptic and very unsure. Dr. Munderloh's 'bedside manner' is like no other. He's down to earth and funny. He cracks me up every time. Laughing and adjustments = healing. He's skilled. Really skilled. Great person all around! RESPECT.

Posted By: K.K.
Simply the Best!!!! I highly recommend. Very helpful. Took time to really listen to my concerns and took action.

Posted By: K.M.
Dr. Hall was AMAZING, she adjusted my back and got me on the right track to feeling 100% the office staff is very friendly as well... I highly recommend this team!
Posted By: B.B.
Best Chiropractor in town!! Dr Munderloh is amazing, would recommend him to anyone! My back pain has significantly decreased since seeing him.
Posted By: P.M.
As a personal trainer, my work is very physically demanding. I have a deep appreciation for the importance of balance and fluid body mechanics. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and Dr Munderloh provides me with a level of care that exceeds my expectations. He is extremely intuitive and genuinely concerned about providing the highest level of care possible. I am grateful to have found him and I will proudly be recommending his services to my clients, friends and family.
Posted By: J.K.
I moved to Flagstaff in November and was looking for a very specific kind of adjustment. I have been seeing a chiropractor for years and am pretty particular to how my adjustments are performed. Love love love Dr. Munderloh! Perfect adjustment every time. Massages here are excellent too! I highly recommend this office. Great quality and customer service!
Posted By: S.D.
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