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ADOT/CDL Examination


Forms and what to expect

Includes urinalysis, does not include drug testing.

Please print and have your prescribing physician fill out the "Driver Medication Form" if you are on any prescription medication.

Please bring any medical records related to previous certifications including records of surgery or specialist exams/release letters. You will also need to provide your current driver's license with date of birth, expiration date, and photo.

Allow 1 hour for documentation and examination.

We recommend scheduling your examination at least 30 days before expiration of your license, in the event that additional testing or labs need to be evaluated before certification. Call for more information and to schedule.

ADOT Medical Examination: $200

When it comes to obtaining a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Arizona, one essential step is the ADOT Medical Examination. This comprehensive assessment is designed to ensure that aspiring commercial drivers meet the necessary physical and medical standards to operate commercial vehicles safely on the road.


A Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) is any self-propelled or towed motor vehicle used on a highway in interstate commerce to transport passengers or property when the vehicle, requiring a Commercial Driver's License (CDL):

Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating, or gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight of 4,536kg (10,001lb) or more, whichever is greater; or

Is designed or used to transport more than 8 passengers (including the driver) for compensation; or

Is designed or used to transport more than 15 passengers, including the driver, and is not used to transport passengers for compensation; or

Is used in transporting material found by the Secretary of Transportation to be hazardous under 49 U.S.C. 5103 and transported in a quantity requiring placarding under regulations prescribed by the Secretary under 49 CFR, subtitle B, chapter I, subchapter C.

The purpose of the Interstate Commerical Drive Physical Examination is to determine “medical fitness for duty” by detecting the presence of any physical, mental, or organic conditions of such character and extent as to affect the ability of the driver to operate a CMV safely.

If the ADOT exam reveals any medical condition that compromises the safety of the public, or the driver, you will not be certified for Commercial Driver's License (CDL). If a condition can progress and cause danger, your Certified Medical Examiner (CME) may shorten the certification period to less than the maximum of 2 years to more closely monitor it. The CMV driver may be required to have imaging, lab studies, or follow up with primary care or specialist before the next certification to stay current with requirements.

Treatment for such a condition is not given at the time of the exam. If further examination or lab studies are needed for certification, the exam will be documented as “certification pending”. The driver has 45 days to fulfill any requirement before the pending status expires, requiring a completely new exam (new urinalysis etc.).

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